Hard//hoofd wil aan je muur! Word kunstverzamelaar

Schandalig in Beeld

Tekst Beeldredactie

hard//hoofd vroeg verschillende fotografen werk te maken bij het thema ‘Schandalig'. Dit is de tweede aflevering van een serie van vier waarin jonge beeldmakers de thema’s van Entrée op hun eigen manier interpreteren.

Noël Loozen

Adriana Bogdanova

Anna de Jong

Anne Huijnen

Basje Boer

Written and performed by Youssef Meroual aka Mister Zeff
Beats by Redouane El Hadra

Hana Miletic

Dagmar van Wersch

28 December
“Come on. Come with me.” he yells, pulling me with him, away into the middle of the dance floor. Jostling. His fingers tightly closed around my hand, pressing. Moist. I stumble after him, dashing against his back as he stops abruptly. Damp too. Wet from sweat. I wrap my arms around him, pressing his back to my chest. His hands on mine. Swinging. Dancing. Fuddled we cling together, giving each other hold on the swaying floor.
Suddenly, he breaks loose, spins around, and pulls out his finger gun. “Hands up, or BANG!”
I chuckle, raise my arms, laugh. And faster than I can open my mouth, he pulled the shirt over my head.
Zig. Zag. Blank.
Wide grinning around us, and the widest sticks right in his face. So wide that I just can’t suppress my laughter any longer, clapping my bare belly.
“Do you remember last year when you stripped yourself naked?” I ask.
“Sure. So what?” He hollers and rotating my shirt above his head he walks away.
My brother.

Lotte Reimann

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